NM Seal Bros is an asphalt repair and full service paving company, operating in the Washington DC area and the states of Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Since 2009 we have been providing high quality asphalt maintenance services in a timely manner and always at competitive prices. We are specialized in seal coating, asphalt repair and line striping, but here at NM Seal Bros we also do all asphalt related services you might ever need: – Crack Filling – Power Washing – Wheel stoppers – Asphalt Patching – Driveway building – Complete Replacement For more information, please fill in our contact form or simply give us a call and we will provide you with a professional advice and a free quote. Services Line Painting Do you need new parking lot stripes? Or do you want to refresh your existing but fading lines? Give us a call for a free estimate and we will deliver the best line striping service in the paving industry. To ease our customers we have 2 major divisions: long line painting and short line or so called “walk-behind” line painting. The Long Line painting is the most economical method and is usually applied for long road distances ensuring continuity of the process and it certainly helps to meet short deadlines. It is the best choice for refreshing road marks without pavement marking removal or asphalt repair. The “Walk-Behind” or Short Line painting is ideal for parking lots, parking spaces, handicapped spaces, curbing, stop bars and legends such as directional arrows, “only”, “school”, etc. This method allows to achieve maneuverability and to detail accordingly to the customer’s needs. Line Painting Basics: There are several types of road marking paint and NM Seal Bros will help you choose the most appropriate one for your project. 1. Waterborne Paint with Glass Particles is the most commonly used for marking in the industry. Minute glass pieces or so called beads are applied immediately after the paint is sprayed to enhance reflectivity. 2. Epoxy Painting is comprised of one part color (or resin) and one part hardener depending on the customer preferences. This marking will usually last over 3 years and can be applied on both asphalt and concrete. There is little surface preparation required and it can be applied directly over other paint. 3. Hot and Performed Thermoplastic is the best choice for intersection markings. It is first heated and then applied on the surface by the screed/extrusion method using specially equipped applicators. Crack Filling Our experience shows that many customers disregard the appearance of cracks in the asphalt pavement and miss the opportunity to timely and cost efficiently repair their parking lot or driveway. Over time, due to the elements effect (water, temperature extremes, etc.) the cracks lead to even more and deeper cracks and ultimately to more expensive services such as asphalt patching or replacement. Contact NM Seal Bros and we will come and appraise your situation. We will honestly advise you and provide a free quote for your project. We use only the highest quality materials which will ensure a long lasting effect and excellent final result on your damaged pavement. Power Washing Power Washing is ideal method to refresh your driveway and/or clean building walls. We use a variety of chemicals to clean and restore the surface for a long-lasting clean effect. NM Seal Bros will remove all dirt, algae, mold, engine oil, transmission, fluid, wheel cleaners, stains, etc. Power Washing is usually of best service for Property Management Companies, Malls, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Real Estate Companies, Office Buildings, Universities, Hotels, Homeowner Associations and City, County and State Contracts. Our experienced crews use only high-powered professional equipment in order to achieve like-new results in your house or business. You will be amazed that even seemingly simple service such as Power Washing requires immense knowledge and skills. Contact us and we will schedule a date for service without disrupting your normal business operations. Seal Coating Basic information: The Seal Coating is the application process of a thin film of asphalt sealer or refined coal tar on top of the pavement surface to keep it waterproof and flexible with a nice dark-finish look. This is the best known method to maximize the life of the pavement (parking lot, drive way, roads, etc.). Why do you need asphalt seal? To fully understand how the asphalt seal works we will need to explain the nature of the asphalt pavement itself. The asphalt pavement is a mixture of gravel (stone) and asphalt which is an oil product (heavy, dark, tar-like substance). The asphalt will prevent the stones in the pavement from shifting over the weight of vehicles and keep them waterproof. Unfortunately, all asphalt eventually deteriorates under the effect of a number of factors: – Automobiles and trucks – weight of the rolling wheels, traffic intensity, automotive oils and fluids (which are also on petroleum base and will dissolve asphalt); – Environmental forces such as water (rain, tropical storms, snow and ice), heat, cold and all sudden or high temperature fluctuations, even air (strong winds). As a result of those factors, the stone in the pavement is revealed and it will further absorb water and with the temperature variations and over the time small cracks will start appearing which can now only grow into bigger cracks and potholes. Be advised that even good looking naturally appearing asphalt pavement is under the constant attack of the Sun, winter salt, water, ice and traffic. The on-time restoration of the thin film of asphalt or tar will ensure that the original pavement will remain protected for the years to come. Seal coating can save big dollars for pavement owners. Unsealed pavements will require repairs, starting with the second year and could require a one-inch overlay as often as every 6 years. Asphalt repair There are three different types of Asphalt Repair services: Patch, Overlay and Replacement. The most suitable method for your project will be determined by the actual condition of your pavement (deterioration of asphalt, frequency and depth of cracks, etc.) Pavement patch is the most common way to fix damaged asphalt pavement which has good overall condition. The isolated problems are prepped repaired so that the pavement surface is again smooth and homogeneous. This is a must-do action before Seal Coating. In addition, damaged asphalt can be hazardous for the traffic and it must be properly fixed with a permanent result. We would recommend this service, if the damaged areas are indeed small and isolated. Sometimes the original surface has depressions or bumps and the project will cialis online require the removal of the top layer of old asphalt and new mix with certain depth will be installed on top. This will level the area and form new asphalt pavement without changing the overall elevation of the area. This process is called Asphalt Overlay. This method is often preferred because your pavement will not have patchwork look. Finally, the Asphalt Replacement method, recommended only for severely deteriorating surfaces that are not economically wise to repair, will require first removal and haul away the old pavement and then the installment of at least 3 inch approved asphalt, which will be then rolled and compacted to the state regulated minimum of 2 ½ inch depth. Based on the project, there are additional services available. Wheel stoppers and speed bumps We offer a great variety of models for both concrete and rubber Wheel Stops. Properly installed and well-placed wheel stoppers can protect building and inventory from vehicles, as well as guide drivers to pull all the way into stalls. This will ensure adequate clearance behind the vehicle and may reduce the incidences of “fender benders” on your parking lot. Speed bumps will also add to the road safety next to your business or home. NM Seal Bros has fast and price competitive services which you will appreciate once you see the final result. Call us for free estimate.